Aromatherapy is

What is Aromatherapy


Ever heard of aromatherapy? Well, it is nothing new and a lot of people are using it. Basically, aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to boost your psychological and physical well-being.

This practice uses the scents from the essential oils of plants to promote health and well being. These oils can come from the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, or bark of plants that are grown in native areas or in controlled environments such as greenhouses. There are over Continue reading What is Aromatherapy

101 Gift Ideas – Links, recipes and more – Index

Gift Guide

We hope this guide will reveal to you the wonderful work of aromatherapy and essential oils for beauty, healing, and environment enhancement purposes. Aromatherapy can be both a fun and interesting hobby and a serious career for those interested in holistic living and alternative and complementary medicine.

Scan through it like a BOOK, section by section 🙂  You’ll be amazed at the nuggets you’ll find!

As we have tried to reveal in this guide, aromatherapy and essential oils make great gifts for those completely new to this method of healing the body and enhancing mood through inhaling or using the oils on the skin, in the bath, and in effective and natural personal care products.


No matter who is on your list or what your budget, we hope this guide will show you how easy it can be to buy or create the perfect gift no matter what the occasion.


To memorable special occasions and the best of health!





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Gift Guide – Introduction


What Is Aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy. We’re sure you’ve heard the word. We also bet at least a couple of people on your gift list might enjoy aromatherapy as a fun and interesting hobby.


If you’ve never tried aromatherapy yourself, you might be curious but don’t know where to start. You might also have a family member or friend who is eager to learn more about it, in Continue reading Gift Guide – Introduction

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Gifts to Get Started – Oils and Carrier Oils

 Gifts for Beginners

Aromatherapy can be a lot of fun because it is like an Aladdin’s cave of all sorts of wonderful scents to explore and items to make the most of your essential oils.  It can also be an expensive hobby if the beginner does not buy in a strategic way, focusing on a few oils and carrier oils to start with that will be versatile and basic equipment to make the Continue reading Gifts to Get Started – Oils and Carrier Oils

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Gift Guide – Good Books and More


Good Books, Periodicals, Classes and Memberships

You will want your recipients to have access to solid information.  Good books, periodicals, classes and memberships will be helpful — but you must be careful to choose ones that are reliable.  There is a great deal of MIS-information out and about on the web.  Give the best, so your friends and loved ones have a successful experience. Continue reading Gift Guide – Good Books and More


Gift Guide – Make Gifts for Women

Make Gifts for Women

Women are actually pretty easy to buy gifts for (though many men might disagree!). Most of them love presents, and a pretty aromatherapy item with a light fresh scent (nothing too heavy) is sure to be a hit with women from 16 to 60 and beyond.  A special boon for loved ones and special friends is to make gifts for women you care about.

With the boom in nails salons and spas, it is no secret that women like to look good and Continue reading Gift Guide – Make Gifts for Women


Gift Guide – Essential Oils for Men

Essential Oils for Men

Let us remember to use essential oils for men in our gift planning.  Though maybe not as easy to choose as for women, many men enjoy essential oils.

Men can be very difficult to buy for-  just ask any woman!  You have already seen a range of aromatherapy for beginner’s gifts earlier in this guide. If you want to give something a bit more personal, or create some wonderful homemade recipes, adapt the personal care Continue reading Gift Guide – Essential Oils for Men


Gift Guide – Oils for Babies Carefully

Essential Oils for Babies – Carefully

An important consideration that parents should keep in mind is just how many chemicals they are exposing their baby to. Even though some products are labelled as gentle enough for babies, they can still contain ingredients that are known irritants and cancer-causing Continue reading Gift Guide – Oils for Babies Carefully


Gift Guide – Children and Teens

Gifts for Children and Teens

As children get older, they can be prone to the same moods as adults, including a lack of energy or being too hyper and in need of relaxation.  Aromatherapy can certainly help here.

A consideration when giving gifts to younger people is what’s ‘cool’ with kids these days Continue reading Gift Guide – Children and Teens